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The first steps to achieving your financial dreams begins with increasing your knowledge. Learn from down to earth Australians how they created their Extraordinary Success in Wealth, Health & Happiness.

What Others are Saying

‘As a financial planner I am often recommending wealth creation strategies to clients. I believe education in the asset class they are going to be investing in is important. This book is a practical guide to the various property strategies available and it’s written by people who walk their talk, and who are interested in inspiring others to create wealth through property.’

Quang Tran, Managing Partner, Wealth in Life Financial Services


‘As a property investor and owner of a property management company, I find it inspiring to work with people who are investing in property with the intention of building a portfolio. Creating wealth through property all starts with education and this book is a great place to begin learning and developing skills to take action on your journey. It gives you the opportunity to learn from people who have achieved what you want to achieve.’

Michelle Wilde, Director, Stella Property Group


‘I am just starting out in property and am looking to build a property portfolio. This book has given me an amazing insight into the multiple strategies that can be used to create money in property and achieve financial freedom. It is great to read of the wins, and some of the mistakes that Australia’s best have made so I can avoid them. Totally inspiring!’

Josh Lee, Law Student


‘This book is the best investment you can make as a ticket into the world of property. The information is priceless and will open your mind to some unique strategies that developers use to make great deals happen. Learn from these mentors and educate yourself. Find what strategy works for you and then take ACTION.’

Jason Darmanin, Seascape. Design. Construction


"What If You Had Australia’s Top Property Experts Helping Plan Your Every Move?"



If you want to join the thousands of property millionaires who are created every year in Australia then this might be the most important message you read.


Because even though property is the vehicle most smart Australians choose to create wealth without the right strategies it could be dangerous.


But put the right strategies in place and you can dramatically increase how fast your wealth grows, and with far less risk.


That’s why we’ve assembled 16 of Australia’s top property experts to spill the beans on what it takes to succeed in property.


Fact is, with these experts on your side you’ll never have to worry again. In fact, you’ll learn strategies that work for you, regardless of your age, income or risk profile.


Property experts like:


- Libby Lombardo - who learnt at the feet of multi-millionaire Richard Pratt and became a property multi-millionaire in her own right … even though she was voted ‘most likely to end up in jail’ at school.


- Former Mr Australia Phil Anderson who knows how to buy and hold properties for nothing more than ‘lunch money’.


- And Cherie Barber and Stephen Tolle who threw in high paying jobs to renovate houses full time, and now realise at least $300,000 to $600,000 on every renovation.


In Property Millionaire you’ll discover property secrets that give you an unmistakable winning edge, including:


• What to do the minute your new property settles that literally creates money out of thin air


• How to get started as a developer – even if you’re a rank beginner


• The complete guide to doing the numbers. All the templates and calculations you need to uncover bargains. Best of all Australia’s most famous real estate investor walks you through one of his high profit deals.


• Can kids get into property? You bet, and you’ll find out how


• The tip from Warren Buffett that every property investor MUST know


• Vendor finance made so EASY a teenager could do it, and actually did!


• The sneaky trick to making money from the development market without being a developer. Revealed by an investor who pockets at least $35,000 cash every single deal.


• Why you don’t need money to begin. The ‘lunch money millionaire’ smashes this outrageous lie


• How to renovate a property in 14 days and make a huge profit


• What a millionaire teaches her kids that other parents don’t


• Negotiation secrets from a master deal-maker that can save you up 20% on your next purchase


• Houses versus units. Australia or overseas? Your biggest questions investors answered once and for all


• How to sell your property for up to 17% more just by following some simple rules


• The fastest way to identify the next boom suburb. And it won’t cost you a cent.


Better still when you grab Property Millionaire you can grab $2,000 worth of goodies to get you on the path to riches much faster.


Make sure you don’t think about your next property purchase until you’ve let all these experts help guide your next move.


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